Senate Tells Yahoo Boys To Use Their Talents Legitimately (Read Full Details)


The Senate on Wednesday lamented the growing number of youths in correctional centres in the country due to their involvement in cyber crime,
It urged those engaged in the act to take advantage of the numerous legitimate opportunities in ICT by converting their knowledge to make money and earn a living rather than using it to commit a crime.
The Senate gave this advice at its deliberation over the motion titled “The Growth of Digital Technology and the Challenge of Cybercrime: Urgent Need to Safeguard the Future of Nigeria” sponsored by Sen. Yakubu, Oseni (Kogi Central).
The motion read;
“The Senate Notes that the growth of digital technology, otherwise referred to as ICT revolution has brought about improved performance in all aspects of society. It is an economic development pillar guaranteeing national competitive advantage. It has led to rapid global communication and networking, provided ease in finding detailed answers to millions of questions every day, accelerated the growth and penetration of mobile telephony and its associated multimedia services, and in deed, propelled increased end-successes in all human endeavors;
Further Notes that the world has moved into the blazing digital ecosystem accelerating at the speed of thought, with very effective concepts and disruptive innovation models such as Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Robotics, Machine Learning, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain implementation and other emerging technologies, achieving rapid improvements in the knowledge society;
Observes that digital technology also promises to make the world a much safer place, as traffic authorities anticipate a vast reduction in traffic fatalities with possibility of saving nearly 300,0001ives over 10 years with the deployment of autonomous vehicle technology, and as crime statistics could drop by over 20% with deployment of metropolitan censors and cutting edge home security remote monitoring devices, amongst other advantages….

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