Say The Truth!!! As A Young Guy, You Do At Least One Of These – Smoking, Drinking, Or Womanizing (True Or False?)

In this current world, it is extremely difficult to see someone come out straight to say he does not do any of these (Smoking, Drinking, Flirting).
Well though it is easier said than done but anyone inquiring would look at you in doubts.

This post is not targeted at corrupting anyone’s mind or views about life but sometimes, we tend to think aloud at some strange but true situations.

Just ask around, a lot of men would be willing to tell you about how they have experienced this at least one time, and that is me being very, very conservative.
It’s fine to smoke if a man chooses to ignore all the health warnings against it. It’s also fine to drink from time to time and of course, liking women and being a big flirt.

Anyone can pick their vices and live their lives in the way they please. No judgment on how people choose to live it up.
But then, Smoking, Drinking, And Flirting is now been seen as a normal thing that should not be done shamefully anymore. However, all the best to those who do all 3 together.
So Guys, the question here is
Is It True That You Must Be Engaged In Any Of These As A Young Guy?

Which Of These Do You Still Do?
Lets have your say on this
Drop your comment

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