Photo of female student breastfeeding her child during graduation ceremony touches many(Read full gist)

While girls and women have the right to education regardless of their pregnancy, marital or motherhood status, those who give birth out of wedlock while in school often experience either blatant or undercurrent stereotypes.

Meshack Bevhula, a South African the National Best Seller of Drowning in Own Tears has evoked an emotionally charged-up discourse about birthing single mothers in university.

She revealed in a tweet that despite the stereotype which revolved around the subject of morality that pregnancy outside wedlock is morally wrong, her sister lived beyond the judgment emanating from people’s personal opinions to finally graduate from university.

Recounting the challenges her sister faced while pursuing her degree programme, Bevhula accentuated the significant social barriers that nearly obstructed her sister.

She posted an inspiring photo of her sister breastfeeding her child during her graduation ceremony in 2019 and wrote:

”This was last year during VUT graduation ceremony. I went to the toilet then when I came back I found my lil sister breastfeeding her daughter. For someone who was heavily judged for her pregnancy before graduation I so felt like this moment needed to be captured.” she said.

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