Nigeria Security And Civil Defence Corps Salary And Rank Structure Revealed(See details)


The corps was established during Obasanjo’s administration. They are charged with the responsibility of providing safety to all citizens from any kind of disaster that may occur, whether terrorist attacks, natural disasters or any kind of hazardous situation faced by civilians in the country.

NSCDC rank structure

The Nigerian Civil Defence ranks are similar to that of the Police and Military forces. They also have a similar chain of commands. The highest rank presented in the service is the Commandant General while the lowest is Assistant Cadet.

The Nigerian Civil Defence Corps also have commissioned and non-commissioned officers. These ranks also have Superintendent Cadre and indented Cadre. Like other military and paramilitary organizations in Nigeria, individual officers obtain ranks based on the qualification/certificate they hold. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree get level 8 placement in the system, and those who have Higher National Diploma are placed on 7. Medical doctors are usually placed on level 12 while Lawyers and Master’s degree holders are placed on 9. The ranks of the various levels are listed below:

  • Level 3-5 – Assistant Cadre
  • Level 6 – Assistant Inspectorate Cadre
  • Level 7 – Inspectorate Cadre
  • Level 8 – Assistant Superintendent Cadre II
  • Level 9 – Assistant Superintendent Cadre I
  • Level 10 – Deputy Superintendent Cadre II
  • Level 11 – Superintendent Cadre II
  • Level 12 – Chief Superintendent Cadre II
  • Level 13 – Assistant Commander
  • Level 14 – Deputy Commander
  • Level 15 – Chief Commander
  • Level 16 – Assistant Commandant General

The ranks of the officers are increased through promotion or upon obtaining an additional qualification. Each rank reports directly to the one that is above him. It is important to know that the Commandant General is usually appointed by the President of Nigeria

  • Assistant Cadre – NGN296,506 – NGN374,259
  • Assistant Inspectorate Cadre – NGN357,385 – NGN411,454
  • Inspectorate Cadre – NGN483,014 – NGN567,065
  • Assistant Superintendent Cadre II – NGN858,956 – NGN986,991
  • Assistant Superintendent Cadre I – NGN939,310 – NGN1,056,416
  • Deputy Superintendent Cadre II – NGN1,012,562 – NGN1,143,539
  • Superintendent Cadre II – NGN1,094,027 – NGN1,252,038
  • Chief Superintendent Cadre II – NGN1,158,172 – NGN1,325,234
  • Assistant Commander – NGN1,225,584 – NGN1,405,449
  • Deputy Commander – NGN1,619,447 – NGN1,825,589
  • Chief Commander – NGN1,759,921 – NGN1,966,281
  • Assistant Commandant General – NGN2,272,288 – NGN2,464,560

The amounts above are for a year and when divided by 12, you get the salary per month