Namibia’s first lady to donate N1.8bn wealth to charity when she dies

Namibia’s first lady Monica Geingos is on a mission to change the image of African first ladies and tackle sexism by pledging to give away all her wealth.

Monica promised to give away her wealth estimated at N1.8bn (KSh 300 million) to charity when she dies

The 43-year-old lawyer and former head of Namibia’s first and largest private equity fund told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in an interview that inheritance is the biggest driver of inequality.

“If I am telling poor children that they must be well educated, have the right attitude, and they must stay away from self-destructive behaviour and they will be fine, then surely that message should apply to my kids too”

While presidents’ wives are often portrayed as promiscuous, materialistic or political meddlers, Monica’s contemporaries are in reality doctors, economists and academics.She threw her weight as the first lady behind the One Economy Foundation, which she founded in 2016, and plans to leave all her money to it when she dies.

Of all my achievements, the title of first lady resonates the least with me because it is the one title that I have really done nothing to deserve, that I got by virtue of marriage,” said Monica

“It is, to me, a form of unearned privilege but…it has changed a lot of my views on socio-economic issues in the country,” she added.

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