N-Power: Don’t waste your time, Here is a Simple Trick to Increase Your Chances of Being Selected

As the N-Power recruitment is expected to commence tonight, many Nigerian youths have been curious about how best to increase their chances of being selected. Recall that the programme is for both graduates and non graduates. This implies that hundreds of thousands of Nigerian youths will be vying for a limited slot of 500 thousand. As a result, knowing how best to increase your chances is paramount for being selected.

Here are the things to do to increase your chances of being selected. First of all, avoid the hot programmes. By hot programme, I simply mean those programmes that attracts more applicants. These programmes could attract as high as a million applicants competing for only about 50,000 slots.

Secondly, avoid choosing wrong programme. What do I mean by wrong programme? I simply mean programmes that you are not qualified for. For instance, if you have a degree in social science and you apply for health, other applicants with health related qualifications will be considered first before you.

Also, avoid any form of mistakes. It could be in spelling of your name, date of birth, etc. Always go through your application before submitting.

Lastly pray to God to grant you mercy and favour during the selection process don’t forget 50000 slots have been given to law makers but their is a God who show favour to men without fast legs.

I wish you all success

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