Must Read:Countries, regions in the world not affected by coronavirus (full list)

The nations and territories not yet affected by the virus are drawn from continents and territories like Africa, Asia and Oceania.

However, it must be said that while these countries have no mention of cases in their borders, the governments have put in place precautionary measures in case of any possible outbreak.

There is no doubt that the global statistics on the virus are alarming with Italy being the epicentre of the disease in Europe.

1. Botswana

2. Burundi

3. Lesotho

4. Malawi

5. Sao Tome

6. Principe

7. Sierra Leone

8. South Sudan

9. North Korea

10. Tajikistan

11. Turkmenistan

12. Yemen

13. Solomon Islands

14. Vanuatu

15. Samao

16. Kribati, Micronesia

17. Tonga

18. Marshall Islands

19. Palau

20. Tuvalu

21. Naura

Territories in the world that have not been affected by the disease are Guam, Northern Marianna Islands, American Samoa, Cook Islands, Wallis and Futuna, Niue, and Tokelau

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