lovely!!Tips For Dating A Nigerian Woman In America

Some people have been asking me to balance this equation because it seems like I am bashing Akata women and leaving my Nigerian sisters who reside in America. This thread is to state what to encounter if you are going into any kind of relationship with Nigerian women in America. I don’t know about Nigerian women in UK, or anywhere else so I can’t talk about that one.
First tip: Leave that your native brain in Nigeria.
If you’re the kind of man that will sit on the sofa and be watching UEFA champions league and be telling a woman that she should go and cook, serve you, bring you water to drink and wash hand, you are in for a rude shock. Nigerian women in US have opened eye now o. They are not going to serve you like master and servant while your stretch your legs on sofa and be watching football.
If your mother did that for your father, please go and marry your mother so she too can come and be serving you like a king. Nigerian women ain’t doing that for you.
Before you leave Nigeria, better learn how to cook, clean house, do laundry, go to buy groceries, take care of kids, and learn humility.

Learning humility is of utmost importance because the day you step your feet into America, you are now second to every woman. The American society favors women over men. They placea lot of value over men. So if you didn’t respect women in Nigeria, you may need to reconsider that stance. And if you can’t see yourself having a woman above you or respecting women, then better stay in Nigeria.

Next tip: All you old men that have spent 20 years following Akata and are now looking for unmarriedd younger girls in Nigeria who you want to turn into RNs and use her as your ATM, believing that she is a “good girl” and that she will be a good obedient wife, who will be at your beck and call.

You guys are looking for to go to an early grave and lose everything you have worked for since the 20 years you’ve been in Yankee. I implore you, please stop doing that nonsense.

There is nothing like a humble Nigerian girl. The ones that appear humble are just broke. The day money enters her hand is the day you will know her true colors. Now in US, you will find an elderly guy in his late 40s or 50s. They came to US in their 20s and hustled Akata for paper, and thereafter became legal. Instead of going to school, gain an education, and improve their standard of living, they take up security guard jobs, CNA jobs, and taxi driver jobs. They spend gruelling years doing these low paying jobs and saving pennies to eventually go to Nigeria and do big wedding and marry a small naive village girl, thinking that they are investing in her so that she will yield fruits and serve him in his old age.

Notice that Nigerian men are always looking for women to serve them cheesy

Well, these small naive girls come to US, go to nursing school, become LVNs or RNs. They then begin to make lots of money and they will begin to open eye grin

Lefulefu come and back me up here.

Those small, naive, village girls suddenly begin making about $3500 or more every 2 weeks. Back in Nigeria, they weren’t even making 3500 naira every month. This kind of money blows their minds and they don’t even know how to spend it anymore. The man who is her husband and invested in her now wants to control the money and keep her in a subservient position.

At that point in time, that is when the girls father in the village knows that he wants to receive chieftaincy title. Also that is the time the mother knows that she wants to become Lolo of NdiOhia.
. That is also when the girls brother wants to open spare parts shop in Alaba. That is the time when the girls sister wants to get married. The entire family of the girl begins to pester her for money. Also at this same time, the girls husband wants to start to build block of flats in Nnewi. Also he feels that he is old enough to receive chieftaincy title in his village as well. All these things costs lots of money.

The pressure on the poor girls starts mounting. She has one or two kids at this point but she starts to work extra hours and overtime at work. Putting in a lot of exhausting energy into trying to fulfil the dreams of everyone. Instead of the husband to understand, he is not sympathetic to her. After all she is his investment and she better yield fruits. She begins to burn out slowly but surely. She needs support at home but the husband expects her to work for 12 to 13 hours, come home, prepare eba and ogbono soup for him, take care of the kids, and then open toto for him to Bleep cheesy. Tomorrow again it is back to the same routine up to 7 days a week.

One day all the pressure gets too much and then the bubble pops. The woman, under intense financial pressure from her extended family coupled with her unsupportive husband and work-family life, crumbles under it all. And what usually kicks it off? Money of course. Or the lack thereof.

The man, wanting to control the finances of the woman, starts a quarrel about how much he invested to bring her to America. Because of all the stress upon the woman and women being very emotional creatures, she snaps. She insults the husband with the greatest insult of his life. She neglects all he has done and acts on emotion. The man too, unable to stomach the insult, verbally and physically attacks the woman.

Now it always ends in 2 ways. If the woman is still alive after the physical attack, she calls the police and they arrest him for domestic violence. She files a restraining order against him and he cannot return back to the house he bought and the home he built.

The second way it ends is that the man attacks his wife and kills her with his security guard job service pistol or he strangles or stabs her to death with a kitchen knife.

In both cases, the police arrive and arrest the man. And then the family breaks up and most times can not be rebuilt anymore. It becomes a broken home with shatters dreams.

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