Khaligraph Jones – Best Rapper in Nigeria: You will not be able to forget this track


The brand-new record by Khaligraph Jones – Best Rapper in Nigeria aims to prove that the Kenyan artist is the best in his genre. Indeed, the track is of the highest quality. However, you are the one to decide whether the artist deserves the title.

Press the play button and enjoy the smooth flow and powerful beats of the record. Khaligraph Jones – Best Rapper in Nigeria description Release date: January 14, 2020 Format: mp3 Genre: Rap, hip-hop Length: 3:49 min Producer: Motif With this track, the Kenyan rapper proves that he is definitely among the best artists of the genre in Africa. The steady beats and witty punch lines are above all praise.

Would you like to sing along to the hit tune by Khaligraph Jones – Best Rapper in Nigeria? Here are the song’s lyrics. [Intro] Hey I’m the best rapper in Nigeria right now I am Nigerian right now And I’m the best rapper Motif, what’s up [Verse] Huh Guess you the sacrificial lamb Funny how you tryna get even They already crowned the king l