Just IN: Nigerians react as 70% Equitoria Guinea Covid-19 patients recovered after using Madagascar Covid-19 herbal syrup( See details)

The president of Equitoria Guinea “Theodora Obiang” has boldly confirmed that 9 of the 13 Covid-19 patients who took the Madagascar organic cure has successfully recovered.

This means the cure the whole world is looking for is already here in Africa but hatred, ego and Corruption won’t let most of the Africa leaders reach out Madagascar for this cure.

We would rather look outside for the white man’s cure than take it from a brother here in Africa.

What has the Chinese doctors sent to Nigeria done so far since they came?

Even if the cure was from here in Nigeria, our leaders will never accept it. How will they looth billions of Nairas if they accept our cheap cure?

#May #God #Pay #You #All #and #Your Families #Back #Whatever #You #Have #Done #For or #To #Nigerians

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