Inside life:Speed Darlington spotted fleeing without paying commercial motorcyclist in Yaba


Speed Darlington is currently trending on social media for getting in a fight with a motorcyclist – In the video trending, Darlington is seen struggling to get his back from the man who insists on getting paid first – Darlington eventually gets of the bag and immediately flees the scene without paying his fare It appears controversial Nigerian singer, Speed Darlington doesn’t walk the walk like he has made his fans believe. Recall earlier on, reported the news of how he took to social media to show off N2m gold necklace and hand-chain which he bought from the popular Yaba market in Lagos. Well, it appears he is only a big money spender only to impress and not when the need arises as proven in the new video. Currently making a rounds online is a video showing Darlington involved in a tussle with a commercial motorcyclist.
Speed Darlington eventually flees the scene after retrieving his bag from the embittered motorcyclist Source: Instagram After succeeding in retrieving his bag from the embittered motorcyclist, Darlington immediately flees the scene, having seen the growing crowd.