Incredible!!Student forgets books at home, parents deliver them in helicopter


A video has gone viral on social media allegedly showing parents dropping off their son’s books in a helicopter after he forgot them at home.

Ituh Mokhele, who goes by the Twitter handle @ItuhMokhele, shared the video on Twitter on Friday and he captioned the post:

“So guy forgot his bag at home and parents decided to bring the bag with a chopper at NWU. Shuu guys #KeaDrive #Sandton.”

The video shows a student walking towards a chopper before he collects a bag and walks away again.

The person filming the clip can be heard asking who he is after saying: “I think he forgot his bag.”

Take a look at the video below (Warning, the clip contains strong language):

The video has since gathered over 85,800 views and South Africans were left speechless. However, some social media users were not impressed by the girls in the video’s reactions.

Twitter user, @FostozN, commented;

“This gender is disgusting.”

Another tweep, @OkanyeYeka, added:

“Boy was tired of being disrespected at school. Had to flex a bit

Girls get overreacted and charmed by stupid things yazi… Just because they brought a bag with a choppa or whatever that is they be screaming “I’m losing my mind”… Damn yeah she will lose her mind when you put her in that Choppa