If You CANNOT Answer These 11 Previous N-Power Past Questions Don’t waste Your time to Apply.

If You Can Not Answer These 11 Previous N-Power Past Questions Don’t waste Your time And Apply

Many people have just registered for Batch C N-power Program hoping that there is no more aptitude test.

So if you have done that thinking in your mind, kindly clear it, remember the program want to recruit 400,000 and there is 50,000 slot given to lawmakers with favoured applicants automatically beneficiaries.

Out of 400,000 already 50,000 has got the job application and without any fast leg to assist you even with your SSCE Certificate what did you think? and remember also there are some applicants with Degree certificates & some with PHD.

So common sense will tell you there is must to be a test that why in this article i go back to the previous past questions that might be repeated during aptitude test come next month.

Before you qualify as a beneficiary, you must write the test and have good score.

Tips to score high in N-power aptitude test have been given here. Kindly read below for sample past questions and their solutions. All applicants must complete the quiz online

Npower Test Quiz:

1. Which is the smallest fraction among the following?

A. 3/4

B. 6/7

C. 1/2

D. 6/5

ANSWER: c (1/2)

2. How did you do in the test? Not so well. I much better but I misread the directions for writing.

A. Will have done B. Can have done C. Must have done D. May have done E. (could have done)

3. If the day tomorrow is Sunday, what was it yesterday?

A. Monday


C. Friday

D. Saturday.

ANSWER: C (Friday)

my leg.

4. The little dog Select one:

A. bite

B. bitted

C. bited

D. bit

ANSWER: D (bit)

5. London, a popular city of choice of Nigerian tourists and travelers is located in

Select one: A. United Kingdom B. France

C. America

D. Italy

ANSWER: A (United Kingdom)

6.I’m sorry we are so late; our car down on the highway.

Select one: A. break

B. breaking C. broken D. broke

ANSWER: D (broke)

7. The door can’t be broken. He

Select one: A. have just fixed it. B. f|X it. C. is just fixed it. D. has just fixed it.

ANSWER: D (has just fixed)

8. What do the two horses on the Nigerian coat of arm represent?

Select one: A. Power B. Energy C. Dignity D. Strength

ANSWER: c (Dignity)

9. David walked by us he didn’t know us!

Select one:

A. as if

B. as

C. as were

D. as if he were

ANSWER: A (as if)

10. I thought you Select one:

A. were going to have lunch with us. B. go to have lunch with us

C. will to have lunch with us.

D. have going to have lunch with us.

ANSWER: A (were going to have lunch with us)

11. Nigeria’s governmental constitution is chiefly based on that of the:

Select one: A. USA B. UK C. EU D. Netherlands


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