I Caught My Fiancee Flirting With Her Ex On Whatsapp, What Should I Do?


Hello famz I need to hear from different people what to do and maybe if there is any advise at all or guidance to the issue/incidence that occurred between me and my fiancee

Let me go straight to the story and I will try to make it short and explanatory.

My fiancee happened to have this ex that obviously they had a good time together and infact she left the guy for me and during one of our conversation I got to know that finances during her time with him was a big issue and at one time or twice she cheated on him to sleep with men that could take care of the finances

We started our relationship and I quickly noticed the challenges with this with her but on my own part I can take care of her finances.

Anyway, We have been together for more than 2 years and also we are planning to get engaged traditional soon.

The unthinkable happened during one of my inquisitive quest of checking her WhatsApp messages when I saw her telling her closest buddy that she was chatting with her ex the other time and that they were talking about how many times they had sex and also if she ever meet the guy again she will sleep with him.

Well, as it is I am feeling been cheated on and secondly, i can’t imagine that she will still have this feeling for the ex so much that she could say that she can still sleep with the ex again.

The question now is,

Do I Still Need To Continue The Relationship With Her? And Also Call Off The Engagement?

Because it seemed she can’t be loyal or maybe the she loves the guy more than me and any given opportunity she will always go back to the ex.

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