I Can’t Date Someone Like You, You’ll Give Me High Bl**d Pressure, Erica To Kiddwaya (Read full gist)

Erica and Kiddwaya are hot topics in Big brother Naija tagged Lockdown. Kiddwaya is cute with his lover boy mien, female housemates like Wathonia, Nengi and Erica could not resist him. Erica decides to know her stand with him so she decided to extract words from him about his commitment.

Last night, after Erica had a heart-to – heart talk with Laycon about what her relationship with Kiddwaya is, she (Erica) said she didn’t think Kiddwaya can take her seriously, she included that he (Kiddwaya) seemed to flirt with every other female house mate.

Erica also stressed that she was 26 years old and that she wanted something serious at this stage of her life, someone who in her words “If you are blind folded, will you still be attracted to your partner”?

Laycon advised her to remember why she is in Big Brother’s house and to focus on that, he also suggested she should have an honest conversation with Kiddwaya about how she feels, how she wants to understand Kiddwaya and the answers she is looking to find.

When Erica and Laycon finished speaking, she went on to have a conversation with Kiddwaya, she was all smiles as always and Kidd was all nice and caring to her too, she went on to tell him how she doesn’t think he ‘s serious with her and how flirtious he’s with other girls in the house, she said, “I can’t date someone like you. You’re going to give me high bl**d pressure”.

And he said, “I’m just vibes, I have different intimacy with different girls”. He also said he really likes her and is serious about her no jokes, after which Erica said,” I’m attracted to you, but I want you to see me and treat me as one of your guys”.

Erica also asked Kiddwaya to stop staring at her in a certain way, and he replied “I respect boundaries alot. Anything you don’t like, just tell me, and I’ll respect that and stop”. she includes that she enjoys spending time with Kidd and hopes he’s not playing around with her, after the conversation was over, they both hugged up.

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