How To Turn A Rejection Into A Job Opportunity

Have you heard this lately in your job search:
“We have decided to move forward with another candidate.”
“Our search has been put on hold.”
“We think you’re a great fit for our company, just not the right one for this position.”
“Let’s keep in touch…”
I know how frustrating the Job Search can be, and these statements usually take the wind right out of you. Today, we’re going to talk about a few techniques to turn this into something positive — sometimes immediately.

Every Time You Make a Connection in an Interview, Think of It As Building Your Network
All too often, we look at the interview process from a static, linear perspective: submit information, get the interview(s) and either get the job or not. I will grant you that not getting the job is frustrating. But how you handle losing the battle can result in you winning the war.
A huge part of the interview process is establishing rapport — winning hearts and minds. Instead of seeing another door closing when you don’t get the job, look at it as another door opening. You’ve worked hard to make a new connection–professionally, sometimes even personally, bonding with the people in the company where you interviewed.
Shouldn’t you capitalize on it?
Here are some pointers on how to do so:

1. They Know You’re Looking… So Ask for Help Networking
If you’ve just impressed them enough to have multiple interviews, they should give you high marks and gladly refer you — but you have to ask.

2. Keep in Touch
Create a system to reach out to each and every person you talk to throughout your job search. This is no different than a sales campaign. The person who isn’t buying today may be ready to purchase (read: hire) tomorrow.

3. Get to Know the People With Whom You Interview
This personal connection will get your calls, emails and requests answered quicker. Frankly, it’s pretty difficult to get any results networking without making a connection personally.

4. Set Reciprocity in Motion

Find out what you can do for them. Helping someone first is the quickest way to endear yourself to them. This is a super powerful social construct; put it to work for you.

Parting Words

Not getting the offer— particularly after several rounds of interviews — is frustrating, no doubt. But you’ve worked hard to make it this far. In this economy, getting to the first round of interviews is tough enough. So when you do make a connection, treat it like gold. Managed well, these relationships can drive your job search for you.

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