Don’t waste your time,If you did this during the N-POWER Registration, you May likely not be Selected

Finally the N-POWER portal is open and many of us have completed our registration. In this post, I would like to share with you based on experience on the data’s you inputed during your registration.

As we all know, N-power have assisted so many Nigeria unemployed youth since it’s inception in 2016. It is meant to equipt the youth with relevant skills and capital needed to start a life of independency. During the registration, you would be asked to provide answers to some tricky questions. For those who have already registered, checkout if you fell for the trap.

Over millions of Nigerians apply every year, so the government has devised a means to get to know the citizens who needs it the most; that why the BVN was included in the registration process. You were asked how much you make per month?, So what did you reply?. Last year a friend of mine said he earned 30k monthly, and he didn’t get the job. But I and my other friends that got it wrote amounts not greater than 10k.

During the registration you were also asked how many mouths you feed right?. Well if the mouth you feed is much, you might not be selected for the job; because the money they will pay might not be able to assist you in feeding all those people. So they believe you would likely be doing other things together with the job. Making you not to be serious and committed.

Those who rushed to include their Master’s results, be sure not to get the job. A person who can do Master’s actually has something he is doing already. Remember N-power is meant to help the unemployed youth’s who have nothing doing. These are my thoughts anyway. Not from any government officials but from experience. You can drop your questions for me. Thanks and good luck.

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